From Prison, Mancho Bibixy Opts To Solve The Cameroon Anglophone Crisis If He Is Granted Freedom

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Mancho Bibixy, the popular “coffin revolution” leader, social activist and radio animator has promised to collaborate with the government to restore peace in the two English speaking regions if all arrested in line with the crisis are granted freedom.

Fearless Bibixy vented on Thursday 1st March 2018 at the military Court in Yaoundé while he and eight other detainees appeared in court for the first time in one year since they were detained. (Sourced from THE INFO newspaper)

Mancho while regretting that the stalemate escalated due to the failure of some politicians, mentioned that the current situation needed a political solution which he was ready to offer if the government heeds to his demand of freedom.

He expressed much regret and sad feelings for the nature of things in Cameroon which is gradually culminating into a civil war as there is constant clash between the military and civilians which has led to the death of many.

On several occasions, he and others have been brought to court but the issue has constantly been adjourned.

His next court session on Thursday March 16, 2018 is highly awaited.

A Little About Mancho Bibixy : (Exclusive on ARREYB News Reports)

Born on 18 August 1984 in Mankon, Bamenda Cameroon, Mancho Bibixy popularly known as BBC, attended PCHS Mankon.

In the University of Buea, he studied journalism and mass communication.

Before his University studies, Mancho did part time radio work for Abakwa FM Radio in Bamenda and for the state media, CRTV.

He studied Cisco Certified Networking and completed in 2012 as a CCNA Administrator.

He also studied Petroleum Engineering at the Gulf Field Institute in Limbe though his studies were prematurely terminated following his father’s death in October 2013. So Mancho returned home as the leading male in his family to cater for his juniors.

From 2014 to 2016, he continued working with Abakwa FM while playing a major role as a History teacher in some private institutions in Bamenda.

Mancho is being detained at the Kondengui Prison in Yaoundé since his arrest in Bamenda on January 19, 2017 after his popular “coffin revolution” in North West Chief town, Bamenda.




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