Fresh, Fast And Fantastic: The Perfect Place for Leisure, Buea’s JUNGLE JUICE

The wind of change is blowing across the town of Legendary Hospitality (Buea) and the innovations keep increasing. 

Meet Jungle Juice, Cameroon’s latest nutritive content. 

Jungle juice

Jungle Juice is the juice that needs no announcement. Its quality and taste is amazing- a sip is able to “charm” you. 
(Shhhhhhh, Hey Guys take her there and you’ll never loose her for showing her sweetness) 

Catch a grand launching event this Saturday punctuated with mind blowing performances with great artists. 

Jungle juice

Get ready to savor the best together with other celebrities from all over Cameroon.  
The spot you shouldn’t fail to visit every evening is JUNGLE JUICE- Upstairs the Jam rock Building directly opposite MTN Molyko. 

This Saturday 21 October comes with a lot of surprise packages. 

Jungle Juice CEO Diamant Kobra is offering a 10% discount from the already cheap price. 

Jungle Juice deals with Fresh fruits, instant juice and smoothies. 

Fresh- Fast-Fantastic is the word!

ARREYB is live at Jungle Juice this Saturday- Save the date and let’s ride on great taste. 

Buy 2 and get a free Juiceeeeeeee. 

Jungle juice

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