Defence Ministry Reacts To News That Brice, A Govt Soldier, Plays ‘Amba’ Role At Night

“Not everyone wearing mufti is Amba and not everyone wearing military uniform is a soldier.

Judge for yourself and be wise not to fall into trouble in this trying moments” CNA published on Sunday July 26, 2020 with pictures of a government officer in both military and civilian attires

The story refered to Pupil Gendarme CAT2, G/M 2013, Tomb Yemga Brice who works with a South West military squad in the contested areas of the Anglophone regions.

The medium reported that Brice had been seen on many occasions in neighborhoods as an Ambazonia fighter and in other cases as a government military soldier

“With the complexity and existence of many groups, they can storm an area pretend to be the “Boys” and gather information or kidnap for ransom as has been the case in Buea around Bakweri town and Small Soppo last year” it reported

But Cameroon’s ministry of defence has refused claims that Brice works for both government and Ambazonia camps

The government military and the Ambazonia fighters have fought for over 4 years with atleast 4,000 deaths recorded, more than 200 villages burnt down and at least a million people internally displaced

“Please stay away from the fake images of the gendarme officer going viral on social media in the name of ‘amba boy at night” the head of communication at the defense ministry responded

Cyrille Serge, said the images of a gendarme officer circulating on social media in the name of “Amba boy at night” is fake, adding that the photos were shot in 2015 in Libongo, East Region, upon return from an operation.

“The photo in question shows a service vehicle behind our valiant Gendarme. The Ministry of Defence strongly condemns this shameful photo editing” says the communication boss for defense.

But some separatists have refused believing the government side of the story, adding government authorities will always coin a story to feed their motives.

It is four years since the start of the Cameroon Anglophone crisis and every day, at least one person gets killed in fighting between military forces and Ambazonia fighters

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