Chief Foretia Dies In Detention, He’s The 8th Death in Cameroon Custody In One Month

Detained Chief Foretia of Letia Chiefdom Lebialem has been reported dead early today

Chief Letai was arrested some months ago in Dschang, West Region and transfered to the Yaoundé Central Prison where he has been detained.

The government accused him of sponsoring Ambazonia fighters including the dreaded fighter Field Marshal

It is not clear the exact cause of his death as the government is yet to issue an official statement.

It is alerged that the traditional ruler was killed by the covid-19 virus. He now adds to the list of 8 inmates to have died in the Kondengui prison in Yaounde, within the past one month. Primary reports say he went unconscious few days to his death

Early this month we reported that prison inmates may be worst hit if Covid-19 knocks prison doors

Prison Inmates of Kondengui prison Yaoundé battle with space and congestion
Congested Prison in Yaounde

Within the last four years, more than 3,000 people have been arrested & thrown to prison including journalists, politicians, activists, protesters & civilians caught from the streets and charged for disturbing public order.

Some spent days and were released after a financial deposit of at least 50,000FCFA ($100) while others serve months and years in prison waiting for trail.

The most famous of these prisons are the Buea Central prison & the Kondengui Prison in Yaoundé. Built for 1,500 persons, the Kondengui Prison was created in 1967 with a facility of 16 toilets and 400 beds but now harbours more than twice the initial number.

Inmates are crushed inside disease – ridden cells with no beds, little or no food and less hope, sometimes tortured.

From 23,000 prisoners in 2013, a report by NCHR published in 2018 showed that Cameroon had 31,000 prison inmates. Rights groups also affirm that these prisons suffer from the prevalence of tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, Cholera & scabies.

And in 2015, it was alerged that one of these prisoners suffocated to death after he was locked up in a 4 metres squared cell with 22 others….

Cameroon: Inmates May Be Worst Hit If Covid-19 Knocks Prison Doors

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