Cameroonian Tech Company,MATTRIIX Invents Ziiron,Best Solution To Buy & Sell Products Locally

A Cameroonian young tech engineer develops a mobile app that uses web technology to connect buyers and sellers worldwide within their immediate environment. Ziiron as the innovative app has been christened is a Marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers with the sole purpose of buying and selling in their locality. Note the phrase buying and selling in their locality

Ziiron App is a product of Mattriix a tech startup located in Molyko, Buea a university center that harbors many tech startups and companies such as Njorku, Makonjo, sky-labase, Gogroups, Zinger systems, Webshinobis and many others.

Buea is the regional capital of the South West region of Cameroon where the highest mountain in central and west Africa is located. Due to numerous and innovative tech ideas cropping up from this university city the government of Cameroon is planning to open the silicon valley of Cameroon known as the silicon mountain.

When I met the young engineer Sakwe Felvine Nanje I was curious to know what will be the difference between Ziiron and other online buying and selling companies like Jumia, Sellam Quick, Afrimarket Kikuu and many others. Then the robust CEO smiled and said:

“Actually as a tech engineer I looked at the online buying and selling around the world and in my country Cameroon, in particular, I discovered that people were very skeptical buying online due to lack of trust and familiarity with the suppliers.

I noticed that most of the established companies operate using manual locations. Jumia, for example, operates only in five African countries, Sellam Quick operates uniquely in Cameroon.

Worst still, I discovered that when people see attractive products displayed online from international e-commerce companies like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay etc. they are always scared by the problems of shipment delays, currency exchange and differences in payment methods.

The growing use of Whatsapp for buying and selling of good and services also inspired me on how people feel so comfortable doing business transactions around them using their lingua franca, local payment means as well as local transportation methods.

So I thought to myself why not create an app that will dictate users’ location automatically and show to them only products available in their nearby environment. With this innovation, our users will be able to buy and sell online using the payment delivery methods available to them in their respective local environment.

Sweetest of it all is the fact that the app will raise more awareness about online marketing in local communities as people will feel free interacting with local businesses using their mobile phones”.

Mobile Apps in Cameroon Ziiron

Since I was more curious to know more about Ziiron I tricked the young engineer with this question In Cameroon, we all know how Jumia is popular and effective even sellamQuick, are you trying to say Ziiron is capable of challenging these established online companies? What is your App’s value proposition?

Smiled Sakwe Nanje again! And expatiated:

Nanje: Ziiron is available in every single country worldwide, people can sign up to the app anywhere and become effective users. Buying and Selling near you have been made easier with Ziiron. Buying and Selling are most effective, fast, easiest and reliable when it’s done around the neighbourhood or nearby.

Ziiron uses Google Maps/ Geo-location to trace your location (city, state and country) to enable business become efficient, faster and trustworthy.

For buyers: Our App shows you excellent and affordable items that are up for sale around you

For Sellers: Ziiron displays your items to people in close proximity in your neighbourhood. Users can meet nearby in person to exchange their items for cash! Or use any payment and delivery method available in their community.

Our value proposition is Ziiron defines its users’ location automatically worldwide and then showcases to them product and services available around them. Sakwe Nanje

More interesting is the fact that Ziiron also acts as a social media tool. Here, users can
Message each other and schedule meetups by sharing their exact location or mutually set a secure location for their transaction to take place.

Where wanted to catch the eloquent engineer you are about to launch this great app and you obviously need a lot of money to do that how much will people pay to sign up for Ziiron and become permanent users?

Nanje: Of course Ziiron is free of charge just like Facebook. So how do people use the app?

Nanje: for sellers, if you got something to sell whether brand new or already used just take a photo of it, set a price and list it on the platform in seconds.

For buyers: Discover items for sale nearby or search for something specific, meet the seller and negotiate business personally.
our users can find great local products ranging from Home Furniture, Kitchen materials, Mobile Phones, Real Estates , Books, Pets, toys, Bicycles, agro-products, Fashion wears, Garden decors, Health equipment , Beauty tools, cinematography tools, Cars, Sports equipment , Tablets ,Computers, Tools for DIY, TV , Video Game materials, as well as Jobs and Outsourcing Services.

Mobile Apps in Cameroon Ziiron

Buying and selling from/to long distance locations or countries come with a lot of issues. Thus, with Ziiron you can buy and sell in your neighbourhood with no stress at all.

The mobile App Ziiron: Buy And Sell Locally is available and can be downloaded free of charge on Android through Google play store and on iPhone through App store

Visit the App Website at

like the Facebook Page at

Developer location and contacts:
Head Office: MATTRIIX , Malingo Junction (Tared), Beside Amazing Pharmacy, BUEA Cameroon

Contact Number : +237 683 73 80 88 | +237 682 02 29 05


Android APP:

IOS (iPhone) APP:

App Website:

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