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See list of President Paul Biya’s partial cabinet reshuffle. Unlike expected, the appointments are shocking to Cameroonians.

Here are the changes made:

  • Issa Tchiroma, former communication minister was appointed to Vocational Training.
  • Jean de Dieu Momo appointed Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice
  • Rene Emmanuel Sadi, replaced Issa Tchiroma as minister of Communication
  • Paul Goghomu and Ndong Benoit- Minister of Special Duties
  • Narcisse Mouelle, former minister of culture was taken to the ministry of Sports
  • Bidoung Mkpatt, former sports minister was appointed to head the ministry of Culture
  • Talba Malla, former SONARA manager was sent to head Public Contracts.
  • Mayor Ketcha Celestine, mayor of Bangante was made Minister of Urban Development and Housing.
  • Mbarobi Gabriel appointed Minister of Agriculture
  • Henri Eyebe Ayissi, from Agriculture to State Properties
  • Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa made Minister of Basic Education
  • Ndocke Gabriel sent to head Mines, Industry and Tech Development
  • Bassiliken III Achille to head Small and Medium Size Enterprises
  • Manaoda Malaschi to lead Public Health
  • Njoya Zachario, Minister Delegate at Ministry of Transport
  • Jacques fame Ndongo at Minister of State and Higher Education