Biya’s Team Begins Covid-19 Aid Distributon, But Citizens Would Really Love To Hear Him Speak

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President Paul Biya recently announced the creation of a solidarity fund in the framework of the fight against Coronavirus in Cameroon, and equally made a donation to the aid.

While the fund was instantly endowed with an initial amount of XAF1 billion, some of the economic agents operating in the country had already sent financial donations to help the government fight the pandemic.

For the president’s promise, the minister of territorial administration announced a donation to the 360 Sub-divisions to fight against Covid-19 in Cameroon.

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Two billion francs worth special support was offered to fight Covid-19 in Cameroon and on Tuesday April 28, 2020, the team began its distribution.

But citizens have been wondering: Is Biya’s hand really signing those donations and decrees?

Who is actually behind his Facebook posts and announcements?

On social media, Cameroonians are demanding to hear him speak about the growing outbreak on their soil, especially with the cancellation of the 20th May national day celebrations

The nation has recorded 1,806 cases and 59 deaths. Biya’s ministers have done the talking since the first case emerged on March 6. The top health official tweets daily updates in English and French.

The Senegalese leader has released a video of himself washing his hands. The Ugandan president posted a footage of his indoor workout. The Guinean ruler gave a speech with face masks shielding his microphones.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who spent a week in intensive care with a severe case of the virus, allowed cameras to film him this month in a hospital bed

Cameroonians think aside the donations, his silence is a stark contrast to other presidential approaches to covid-19.

They are expecting him to address the nation, to tell them what exactly is going on and to share his vision as the crisis has shuttered activities at airports, schools and places of worship.

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