Biya Won’t Attend ‘Paris Peace Conference’ In Peace: Brigade Anti Sardinards Storm Hotel, Demand He Steps Down From Power

Members of Brigade Anti Sardinards (BAS) stormed Hotel Le Meurice in Paris yesterday, the venue where 86-year old Paul Biya is attending a peace conference.

President Paul Biya who left Yaounde on November 10 was invited by French president Emmanuel Macron at a time when Cameroon has just concluded a major national dialogue to end armed conflict in the North West and South West, but many are still being killed in the war.

The protesters were calling on Biya to release all political prisoners and step down from power.

This is not the first time Biya is being attacked.

On June 29, Swiss police clashed with hundreds of Cameroonian protesters in Geneva as they attempted to force their way into Intercontinental hotel where the Head of State Paul Biya and wife were lodged.

Anti riot police used tear gas and water canons to displace the protesters who were calling on the Swiss government to evict the Head of State from the hotel.

The group called for an end to the violence in the North West and South West regions of the country.

While these scenes have drawn condemnation from the government of Cameroon, BAS activists have vowed to continue with their actions as it raises an alarm to the world of the oppressive and dictatorial regime of Paul Biya.

President Paul Biya became president of Cameroon on November 6, 1982 following the resignation of Ahmadou Ahidjo.

Paul Barthelemy Biya Bi Mvondo is currently one of the longest-ruling non-royal leaders in the world and in Africa. He will be 92 when his current mandate ends in 2025.

More than 65 percent of Cameroonian youths were not born before he assumed office as Head of State in 1982.

Under his regime, there has been allegations of indiscriminate killing, burning of villages, rape and humiliation of English-speaking citizens perpetrated by the BIR (Bataillon d’Intervention Rapide)

Though Human rights bodies and international organisations have condemned the genocide, the Biya regime has consistently refused to admit it is guilty.

At least 2,000 people have been killed, more than 500,000 displaced, 200+ villages burnt down with over a thousand people arrested, tortured or detained.

Biya is attending a peace conference while his nation is plagued by the Cameroon Anglophone crisis as the southern part continuously fights to secede to a state they call Ambazonia.

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