Biya At 90 And 40 Years In Power, Any Good?

On February 13, 2023, President Paul Biya clocked 90 years. He became president of Cameroon on November 6, 1982 following the resignation of Ahmadou Ahidjo.

It is often said that Biya has misruled for over 40 years. Since independence from France in 1960, Cameroon has been ruled by one party and two presidents.

Critics have said Cameroon has been turned into an authoritarian and corrupt state, a regime void of transparency and marked by extensive violence to silence those against the government.

More than 65 percent of Cameroonian youths were not born before Biya assumed office as Head of State in 1982.

Paul Biya became Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon when he was below 35years (in 1968), and was appointed Prime Minister, Head of Government seven years later.

Today, youths below the age of forty will hardly be appointed Minister under his regime.

Any positive future under the Biya regime?

As Biya turns 90 and 40 years in power, if Cameroonians want him in power considering the excavations plaguing the country for the past six years.

As Africa’s largest producer of timber and the world’s fifth-largest producer of the cocoa, Cameroon should not be in poverty with violence, corruption and suffering.

Recently Prices of goods and services have actively increased, life has become tough for majority of it’s citizens.

Moments of gross greed that has evolved to the 5-year long Anglophone crisis which continuous to put the future of Cameroon in jeopardy.

The country’s Anglophone regions constantly have gun battles between separatist fighters and government forces and authorities refused to take part in peace negotiations or accept the latest offer by Canada to be a mediator.

President Paul Biya’s regime has been hugely accused for corruption, embezzlement and dictatorship with the continuous silencing of political opponents, activists and journalists opposed to his regime.

His current mandate will expire in 2025 when he’ll be 92 and maybe Biya would run again.

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