Covid-19: A Grim Landmark As Official Toll In Cameroon Tops 1,000

Cases of coronavirus in Cameroon have officially surpassed one thousand and the epidemic is continuing to climb, officials noted, asking people to stay home and observe the necessary health measures.

As of Tuesday April 22, the nationwide figure was put at 1,163 cases with 331 recovered, 176 hospitalised, 33 under oxygen therapy and 43 deaths.

These were official figures since the Ministry of Health reported Cameroon’s first cases on February 24, 2020. Officials said it was a 58-year old French citizen who arrived in the country and he had since been quarantined.

On Monday, the North West registered its first case, confirmed by governor Adolph Lele l’Afrique

Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health stopped, for 6 days, his daily figure updates on infected cases.

Manaouda Malachie said in a tweet that he was taking a new direction–he would simply publish information on the evolution of the ministry’s strategy, critical cases, recovered cases, deaths and barrier measures only when necessary

The worry is that the pandemic continues to gain grounds in Cameroon, now affecting 9/10 regions

Of the 43 deaths, two have been prominent medical doctors in Douala, a government health official confirmed.

Cameroon stands as one of the hardest hit in Sub-Saharan Africa after South Africa with 3,300 infections and 58 deaths

Other government-arranged plans are ongoing but Cameroonians are worried about their president.

On social media, they are increasingly demanding to hear him speak about the growing outbreak on the soil.

They want to see more concern, just like other presidents have done, sharing the pain and even making daily video appearances.

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