20th May 2022: Fru Ndi Calls On Party Members To Ignore Boycott Calls And Participate

SDF Chairman calls on party members to participate in 20th may celebration

The Social Democratic Front, SDF political party chairman has called on all his militants to mobilize and take part in the upcoming 20th May activities in the country.

In a press release signed by Ni John Fru Ndi, the party Chairman on May 19, 2022, he says he has recieved calls from the party’s structures, expressing their willingness to take part in the activities.

“I am through this communique, informing all party structures capable of mobilizing militants to take part in the civilian match past on the 20th of May 2022,” a section of the press release states

Fru Ndi has further added that “any contrary information circulating on social media is unfounded and uncalled for”

This comes barely few hours after the Centre Regional Executive of the Social Democratic Front party in a press release signed by their president, Emmanuel Ntonga said they will not take part in the activities.

According to Ntonga, they have no interest in 20th May because it is against Federalism and does not look at the sociopolitical situation in the English speaking regions of the country.

This comes barely few hours to the celebration of 20th May, come Friday in Cameroon.

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