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Barely days after presidential aspirant and frontline candidate for the CNCM party met with Douala imams and religious leaders, the candidate has now promised to restructure Cameroon’s agricultural sector. 

He maintained in a media kit that this backbone of the economy (agriculture) must be developed. 

“I will mechanize the agricultural sector, set up transformation factories in all the agro hubs in Cameroon.  For instance, our Cocoa, banana, cassava, rice, cotton, fish and others will be transformed locally before being exported. 

Never shall we export our raw materials again. Cameroon is also known as the breadbasket of the Central African sub Region and we must invade the entire Region with our finished goods” – Prophet Frank Ndifor wrote in his elaborate media kit.

While promising to create more job opportunities with the multiple factories, Prophet Frank’s agricultural vision is also met with stiff competition from other candidates in the race for Etoudi. 

The trained team of  ARREYB News Reports continues a special coverage on the Race To Etoudi, Cameroon’s Presidential election and we would be bringing you further details on plans , manifestos and crtical analyses on the election.  

The race is on and we can only anticipate October 7, the day set for elections into Cameroon’s presidency.