How Effective Will AU’s 12 Man Delegation Be In Solving Alleged Electoral Malpractices In Cameroon? 

CNT published that a team of twelve observers from the African Union have been in Cameroon since September 5, 2018 to ensure the smooth running of the Presidential election scheduled for 7th October 2018.

The chairman of the Commission of the African Union, Moussa Faki Mahamat confirms the purpose of the presence of A.U observers in the country which he says is “to assess the overall electoral process and ensure its compliance with the long term election observation methodology of the Pan African organization”.

This action was taken by the organization in a bid to promote democracy and build public confidence in the electoral process as they stress on “the imperative to respect the will of the people and the results of the elections”.

However, Cameroonians have questioned the effectiveness of AU’s 12 man delegation over Cameroon’s electoral governing body, ELECAM. This has not been the first delegation sent to oversee Cameroon elections yet Cameroonians raised alarm of alleged election malpractices .

Jokes have been formulated on social media as Cameroonians think ELECAM would swindle her way over the ballot boxes. 

While AU observers remain on the Cameroon soil till October 10, Cameroonians are anticipating to see a candid count of votes from the ballot boxes where results would be proclaimed according to merits and true vote counts. 

However, officials of ELECAM and other stakeholders in the electoral process have been trained on their different roles in the organisation and management of the October 7 Presidential polls.

This training done in Yaounde was organised by the International Organisation, La Francophonie and has raised many expectations to the electoral results. 

It is expected that the training enhanced the capacity of the election management team in the organisation of the polls and got the stakeholders in the electoral process to master thier roles.
While Cameroonians are skeptical, Erik Essousse, Director General of Elections at ELECAM has assured the public that the October 7 presidential elections will be free, fair and transparent. 
October 7 is approaching and everyone is anxious to see what the ballot boxes would bring forth.  




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