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Presidential Aspirant and leader of the NOW movement, Barrister Akere Muna has vowed to make sure that all members of parliament and senate must be elected under his reign as President. 

The vibrant Akere made these promises alongside 50 other engagements which he published via his official media outlet. 

Akere’s 50 engagements comes at a time when Cameroonians are tired of the present system and demand a change. 

Some of these engagements include: the formation of a federal state to be decided upon by the citizens, establishment of a national campaign expenditure control commission, creation of regional economic and social councils , establishment of a truly independent constitutional council with powers to sanction by amending Act No 96/06 of 18 January 1996, recognition of constitutional status of the opposition and establishment of an independent anticorruption commission (among others ) . 

Despite the huge pressure mounted by the troubles of the Cameroon Anglophone crisis, Akere has shown much interest to reform the socio political system and bring peace. This has only brought keen attention to his capabilities as many monitor is moves. 

Campaigns are due to take place on October 7, 2018 and expectations are high as to who would succeed President Biya  . 

In a recent media interview, the leader of the NOW MOVEMENT Cameroon/FPD was questioned on a youth program called” Face a la Jeunesse” in Box Africa studio, Yaounde. 

The skeptic youths questioned him on his educational policy, importance of bilingualism, regional equilibrium, scholarship and Muna would encourage them to lead their future as they have their destiny in their hands. 

However, some say Akere has a rich background in administration and his success in fights against corruption in Africa may put him ahead of his peers.

Cameroon’s elections governing body, ELECAM  has sent out her 9 man team for the race to Etoudi and hands are crossed as many are keen to the one who would throw ice on the flames of the crisis which began in October 2016.
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