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Hours after the proclamation of the Bar Council results, Barrister Suh Fuh Benjamin who was candidate for the Bar council has been captured by unidentified men .

He was taken on Tuesday morning by gunmen in front of his residence behind Sonac Street, Bamenda while he returned from the Bar GA.

In reaction to this, Lawyers met early today and called for his immediate release. They asked that Anglophone lawyers be allowed to do their duty without any external interference.

Even Barrister Akere Muna had earlier condemned the kidnap and said the news got to him as a shock.

“The kidnapping of Barrister Suh Fuh Benjamin has gotten to me as a shock. If it has to do with the Participation at General Assembly in the Bar then I am doubly sad. This general Assembly has put out the highest number of Anglophones ever as Members of the Bar Council.

The Bar is preparing to engage more vigorously than ever in the Anglophone crisis. The number of Anglophones locked up increases everyday. Lawyers will be called upon to assist for no pay. The thanks they get is a kidnapping.

I will just conclude that the authors of this misfortune were misguided. As a consequence they should proceed to realease him immediately and let us concentrate on freeing our brothers and sisters languishing in jail“.

This kidnap comes after threats were sent to Anglophone lawyers on their participation in the Bar Council elections.

At the moment of this report, Barrister Fuh Benjamin had been 24 hours in captivity.