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By Jaibe Augustine on ARREYB
Son of Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine and spokesman to the Ayah family, Ayah Ayah Abine has opined that the government should swallow her pride and call for dialogue between “secessionist” leaders like Mark Bareta and others.  

Fearless in his words, Ayah Ayah spoke unequivocally in an interview with Equinox Television where he asked the Cameroon government to stop looking for solutions from where they would not find it. 

To him, the real people or architects of the struggle are not the people working in Cameroon but the ones on social media. 

Ayah Ayah asked the government to reach out to Mark Bareta and his associates for a dialogue to be reached and the problems of “Ambazonia” solved. 
On the issue of Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria, The founder and initiator of the AAyah (Ayah Ayah Foundation) frowned at the Cameroon government for the poor treatment of Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria. 


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To him, it was sad that the government was the one stopping people from giving aid to refugees in Nigeria. 

He lamented that the state is doing nothing to assist Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria but grant aids to Central African refugees and the Nigerian refugees up north. 

Ayah Ayah and his foundation who recently visited the Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria recounts an instance where a Nigerian official asked what the authorities were doing to manage the situation of the Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria. He replied that the authorities were working to that effect, though he knew nothing about it. 

He crowned his interview with a deep cry for dialogue as the only means to solving the Anglophone struggle in Cameroon, yet genuine dialogue can only come if it is done with the people that matter- not the politicians on ground. 

He was interviewed by Mimi Mefo



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