The Insider on ARREYB: Why Mayor Ekema Seals Shops Of “Ghost Town Observers” In Buea

Yesterday July 24, the mayor of Buea council, Patrick Ekema Esunge sealed shops of those who dared to observe the Monday ghost town.

Today July 25, while these shops remained sealed, Buea inhabitants have observed that certain banking institutions in Molyko are opened. 

When we inquired, an insider at the council explained : 

“Some banking institutions in Molyko are open because of an in camera meeting with the CEOs yesterday at the board room of the council. 

After due deliberation, the minutes of the meeting was forwarded to the DO and the governor wherein an agreement was reached. 

The representatives of these banking institutions committed after being assured of the security and protection of their properties, reasons why almost all banking institutions in Molyko are unsealed”. 

When we continued to inquire on the reason why shops remained closed in Buea, our source whose identity we keep for security reasons said there was little or no information about the way forward for these shops. 

He further hinted that the council might listen if these business persons can form a committee with representatives . 

The shop sealing exercise by the Mayor comes few days after an organised press conference geared at sensitising the population on the need to shun fear and collaborate with the government.  

This was followed by the Friday July 20th commuique informing economic operators and the general public that Mondays remain a normal working day in Buea. The communique threatened any defaulter of the municipal order with due sanctions .

Many have expressed worries on the consequences of obeying the Mayor’s bidding. 

“If we open, we get anonymous threats  and our shops would be burnt down and when we close on ghost town days, the Mayor seals our stores. So who do we listen to? The authorities who command or the armed men who threaten and burn our shops?” – a Molyko shop owner expressed her worry to us.   

The dilemma is a question begging for answers. The Anglophone crisis which began about 2 years ago is gradually becoming a prolonged disturbance to businesses, schools and the general public. 

Contant confrontations between armed men and the military have been the order of the day as several casualties both on the side of the military and civilians have been recorded. 

All we can do is beg for a solution to this problem as no one seems to be safe. 

To this respond, media person and ace Cameroonian journalist, Franklin Sone Bayen proposed that a possible solution to this problem might be to use the woman power strategy on President Biya. 

While his point is criticised by many who say President Biya would not have the desire for the “Young Affair”and can not be controlled by it, others think the strategy is worth a try. 

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