SOBA General Council Endorses Peaceful Resolutions, Announces Upcoming Elections

The Sasse Old Boys Association, SOBA, had its General Council meeting in Douala on Saturday July 25th 2020.

Among other important decisions, the board is paving way for a new lease of life for the prestigious old student association

The meeting under the stewardship of its President General–Professor Ephraim Ngwafor– arrived at important resolutions for all Sobans, the press, stakeholders of the association, national and international public

1. The uplifting of all the sanctions (suspension and exclusion of members) in Cameroon and in the diaspora

2. The pushing forward for a total reconciliation of all dissenting voices among Sobans in Cameroon and abroad, the reinforcement of the camaraderie and solidarity to give a new lease of life to the Association

3. The convening of a General Assembly meeting of SOBA on Saturday November 7th 2020 at the campus of Saint Joseph’s College in Sasse, Buea.

4. The holding of General Elections of SOBA on the same date, in the sidelines of the General Assembly.

“These resolutions come after a strongly worded note from the Apostolic Administrator Bishop Michael Bibi calling on all Sobans to work towards the growth of their Alma Mater” Edwin Eselem, SOBA’s Public Relations Officer said in a note to the press

The President General and the SOBA General Council called on all Sobans in their various chapters and in the diaspora to co-construct, collaborate and foster peace and unity in the build-up to the November 7th 2020 rendezvous’.

Near the Buea Mountain and high above the sea, stands Saint Joseph’s college SASSE (also known as SASSE College).

Sasse is famous as the power house of education, knowledge and excellence, which glows incessantly on the majestic hill top upon which it was erected in 1939. It is the premier of secondary and high school education in Cameroon, and undoubtedly one of the best in the African continent.

The SOBA association is an alumni group of former students from the SASSE College

It’s members, all ex-students of the college, are littered across Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, serving in different sectors of the economy

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