President Biya Calls the Final Shot, Closes Debates On Cameroon’s Readiness To Host AFCON 2019

Paul Biya, Cameroons Head of State has reiterated the country’s readiness to host the 2019 African Nations Cup.

This reinforcement was made yesterday at the Unity Palace during an occasion to receive the over 150 athletes who succeeded to grap international sporting medals. 

In his short speech, Cameroon’s head of state stated clearly that his country is ready to host the 2019 African Cup of nations unperturbed, that he had taken every necessary measure to put all in place for the hosting. 

This assurance comes days after top football officials have openly debunked claims for Cameroon’s readiness to organize AFCON 2019. 

Ahmad Ahmad, CAF president had made it categorically clear that Cameroon wasn’t ready to host African sportsmen. To this, Issa Hayatou, former CAF president and present head of Cameroon National Football Academy cautioned Mr. Ahmad on such pessimism as this could take the hosting privileged away from Cameroon.  

However, all these opinions have been closed with their boss’ declaration “Cameroon will be ready tomorrow”, implying that even if the date was brought closer, Cameroon will still be ready to host AFCON 2019. 

We therefore look forward to having this talk put to action. 

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