Parfait Siki Freed After Lawsuit With FECAFOOT

Imprisoned in November 2022, Journalist Parfait Siki has been declared free following a case with the current FECAFOOT Executive led by Samuel Eto’o.

The former FECAFOOT Secretary General was accused of illegally keeping FECAFOOT’S original minutes of the election of vice-presidents with the intent to falsify them.

Talking to the media, Parfait said: “I am naturally very happy for the justice of my country. I thank the Lord who during this difficult ordeal inspired me a lot.”

” I thank my loved ones, my family, my wife, my children, my friends, my colleagues. I am very happy with the support I received,” he added

Parfait Siki was appointed Acting Secretary General of the body after FECAFOOT sidelined Benjamin Banlock.

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