New Currency: How To Spot Fake Bank Notes

On December 15, 2022, the Cameroon government introduced new bank notes that were expected to replace the former ones. Barely few months after the introduction, several persons have complained about the injection of new counterfeit notes.

Because it is new, many find it hard to differentiate real bank notes from fake ones which constantly causes them to prefer the old notes over the new ones.

43 year old Sylvain Oscarion Tchapseu is presently in custody in Yaounde at the Meyong gendarmerie station for producing counterfeit banknotes.

Reports say in the course of his apprehension, Sylvain was found with huge quantity of notes that he had allegedly forged.

Printers of the bank notes say due to the high level of security on the bank notes, falsification will be very difficult.

Sensitization messages sent out shows the population how to differentiate counterfeit from a real bank note :

Users can hold the bank note up to the light and a look to see the value of the bank note

Users should run their fingers over the banknote and get a fill of the areas where the ink is thicker.

Security wise, when users tilt the bank note from top to bottom, the security thread present shows a dynamic effect and the embossed area on the note can be seen as a metallic silver.

Therefore care becomes the watch word in a bit not to fall a prey.

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