Meme Division: Community Gathers To Fix Bad Road, Vehicles To Start Reaching Koba Village

Natives of Koba, a village in Konye, Meme Division of the Southwest Region, recently mobilized to work for the accessibility of taxis and small vehicles to the village for the first time.

Nearly all Villagers could be seen using digging tools to dig and open a motorable road that links the village to Konye, the Sub-Divisional headquarters.

One of the Koba community workers said “We want that before the government helps us we should help ourselves. But the government should not abandon us just because we are trying to do it on our own,” only bikes have been plying the road to the village due to its badly broken nature.”

“We want the government to see this,” said the President of the Koba village council.

The president lamented of the too much suffering and sweating when the government has many bulldozers and equipment that can do this job for them.

Only bike riders who are the most frequent users of the road were involved in previous community works.

“I’m pleading with our notables who are out of the village to join their heads together to see how we can develop this village,” said the head of the Koba bike riders union.

In the past, transportation of everything including corpses of people who died out of the village was done by motorcycles.

The community is bent on championing thier own development. Authorities have been giving a blind eye to communities facing similar problems especially in the South West Region hit due to the Anglophone crisis

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