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Anglophones detained during the North West and South West upheavals have unanimously decided to take on a hunger strike. Their action was made official early this week as the prison inmates refused taking food. They said they would rather starve to death than remain in prison indefinitely without any cause.

To them, staying hungry is the only door to take them out of the more than five months detention with an average of over five court appearances which has produced little or no results.



In respond to this, the prison administration organized a convention to have them uplift the hunger strike, promising to confer with the authorities that be. The prisoners have core demands and are determined to fast until their basic rights are restored.

prison inmates

“Many of the detainees complain of constant attacks from the Francophone inmates”, CIR reports. They also analyzed that the ages of those detained are between 19 and 67 years. It should be noted that several of these Anglophones have lost their jobs and the comfort of home but little or nothing is said about it.


  1. This is really a pitty. A nation that was kbown for its peace all over the world has been reduced to nought because of a quest to show power by the authorities that be…
    May God help this nation