Know More About Ziiron, The Best Solution To Buy & Sell All Products Locally

Ziiron is an online Marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers to trade in their locality.

Available in all countries worldwide, Buying & Selling is made easy with Ziiron.

Here is how Ziiron works; In 30 seconds, take a picture of your product, set a price and upload to Ziiron and a buyer around you would contact you.

Buyers can always check the Ziiron app or website for recent products as it is updated every minute.

Note that on Ziiron, buying and selling is NOT done online. Ziiron would only link you to one who has the product you need or somebody who needs the product you have.

Ziiron is effective, fast, easy and reliable when it’s done in the neighborhood or nearby and is free to use.

Ziiron uses Google Maps/ Geo-location to trace your location (city, state and country) to enable business become efficient and faster.

For buyers: Our App shows you cool items that are up for sale at great prices around you,

For Sellers: Ziiron displays your items to people in close proximity in your neighborhood.

This enables you to meet nearby persons to exchange your item for cash or any agreed payment method!

Messaging members and scheduling meetups are also included in Ziiron services, by sharing your exact location or set a secure location for the transaction to take place.

Ziiron is FREE, easy, cheap and Cameoron’s best “buy and sell” option.

All products can be traded; from Home Furniture, Kitchen, Mobile Phones, Music, Movies, Real Estate , Books, Pet Supplies, Baby, Bicycles, Community, Fashion, Garden, Health , Beauty, Photography ,Cameras, Cars, Sports , Tablets ,Computers, Tools for DIY, Toys, TV , Video Games, and more! . Even Jobs and Services.

Buying and selling from/to long distance locations or countries is always posed with trust issues, delays, shipping, currency exchange and different payment methods, with Ziiron you can buy and sell in your neighborhood with no stress at all.

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Contact Number : 683 73 80 88 | 682 02 29 05
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