I’ll Tell You Who “Arrested” The 11 PSS Nkwen Students

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Who kidnapped the 11 students today at PSS Nkwen, Bamenda?

While varying thoughts have been expressed, this article may be to quickly review this kidnap in some 15 lines and would include screenshots with little comments.

Note that “Ambazonia” activists seem to be divided on the kidnap.

While Tapang Ivo issues a disclaimer and says it is an unacceptable act of terror which should be condemned, Eric Tataw and his National Telegraph post a contrary claim and assume responsibility for the “arrest”.

National Telegraph reports that ambazonia fighters are responsible are have decided to show thier gentle nature by giving communication access to the students during their “arrest”.

Note that National Telegraph was first to release this video online and is credited for the count of students to be 11 . This means they got the information firsthand …

So who then kidnapped the 11 students?

All these placed contradicting facts on our table as we note that the terror could not be fluent in simple English language.

This is yet unconfirmed!

While surfing through social media posts, one comment caught our attention.

This may give you an inner clue.

Disclaimer: We are not the source of this comment and can’t independently verify it, but we would love you to read through.

If you love to read the complete comment then click here to get to the Facebook post

This is a developing story and we would bring you details as we get them.




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