After Cameroon, Ghana Athletes Disappear From 2018 Commonwealth Games

Ghana is yet to recover from the effects of a visa scandal when she has again lost two athletes from the Commonwealth camping ground in Russia. 
The visa scandal saw the deportation of over 60 members of the her Commonwealth team back to Ghana and led to the suspension of a Ghanaian Deputy Minister and two other officials. Those deported were believed to be journalists who joined the team in travelling to Russia. 

While investigations continue, Ghana, just like in the case of Cameroon has suffered another setback of the Commonwealth games after the Badminton Association confirmed two athletes missing. 
Gifty Mensah and Stella Amasah, members of the women’s team were reported missing a day after their elimination in the games. 

The Badminton association says they have notified the Commonwealth Games Federation and the Australian Border Police. 

 If both are found, they would be prosecuted under Australian Law then repatriated back to Ghana. 


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Cameroon, like Ghana had on 11th April 2018 lost over 8 athletes, three weightlifters and five boxers. While this affects both nations, it becomes a call for concern to African countries as these athletes usually abscond during major sporting events and subsequently claim asylum.

 In 2002, Cameroon had again lost seven athletes in London during the Olympic Games while Congo DRC lost four . 

In the 2006 Commonwealth games, over 40 athletes were reportedly missing from several African countries including Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. 

In Cameroon, the media has analyzed their running is linked  to entrenched development challenges and widespread poverty in the nation especially as over 15,000 Anglophones have been forced to neighboring Nigeria as refugees after a crackdown on “separatist” who campaign an independent state of “Ambazonia”. 


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