​This is Why Fako Lawyers Took Buea Attorney General, State Counsel, Prison Superintendent To Court

Members of the Fako Lawyers Association, FAKLA have dragged the Buea Attorney General, State Counsel and Prison Superintendent to Court. 
They lawyers were joined by  some 13 applicants who press charges of illegal detention following a court order granting bail to these accused.

Signed by Barrister Legenju Vitalis, the lawyers and their clients say the accused personalities failed to comply with the justice system and failed to execute orders of the Court.

The lawyers stated that their clients were granted bail by the trial Court of Competent Jurisdiction, after the accused had fulfilled their bail conditions as stipulated in the ruling granting bail and release orders which are contained in the executor formula issued by the trial Magistrate and forwarded to the Attorney General for the Southwest Region, the State Counsel, and the Superintendent of Buea Central Prison for execution 

Filed on November 9, proponents say the granting of the application will reassert confidence in the independence of the Judiciary and put a stop to the actions of some overzealous administrators who see themselves as the alpha and the omega and disregard the judiciary and its decisions.

ARREYB News Reports however, obtained this disposition firsthand from Barrister Agbor Nkongho (president of FAKLA). It showed that these applicants are amongst a number of about 500 persons who have been charged before the Buea Court of First Instance since September 27 on charges ranging from riots, non-possession of National Identity Card, blocking of public highway and violation of Governors Order, contrary to sections 230, 232(2) of the Penal Code.
ARREYB News Reports would be bringing you exclusive details and unfolding of this issue. Stay with us!

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