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“Curbing The Tide Of Human Trafficking And Slavery”: Rights Defender Beatrice Titanji Advocating Against Human Trade

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Beatrice Titanji

In 2015, more than 30 Cameroonian women in despicable trauma narrated dreadful ordeals and experiences of tedious labor in some Middle East homes.

Claudette, 27 at the time, said she was treated like a slave during a year in Kuwait. She complained of little time to sleep, at times no food, only stress.

“We have Kuwait for women at 250,000FCFA ($500). You just need 250,000FCFA ($500) and we help you to get your visa and everything,” agent Timothy said in describing the process.

“So what you need to give us is your passport, photos, HIV tests and physical fitness certificates. You don’t go there and then start looking for jobs. We give you an employment letter from Cameroon and as you get there you start working immediately.” Timothy told VOA.

Claudette said she begged to be returned to Cameroon to no avail.

“This woman said I am going nowhere. I have come to work, I must work. I went down on my knees…. I cried to God for help, I prayed and cried the more.”

Beatrice Titanji (pictured above) played a major role to facilitate their freedom and helped in recuperating above 30 of these women from their dreadful ordeals at a center in the South West region of Cameroon.

“All of them never come back home; some die and some just disappear. These human traffickers also collect an advance salary of $3,000 from Middle East people who contract for the women’s services. They don’t give the money to the women.” she said.

Victims shared disturbing stories of how they and their families were misled and mistreated.

Some of the women said they were deceived by television ads claiming there was work in Kuwait for domestic help, nurses and airport employees.

Titanji said her organization expects the government to follow up with the perpetrators and have them punished, because what they are doing is enforcing slavery in the 21st century and encouraging human trafficking in Cameroon.

US Ambassador, Peter Barlerin said there was need for more people like Beatrice and her organization who would take active part in combatting trafficking of women as they championed and rescued the women victims in Kuwait.

He expressed regrets that youths didn’t understand the right process of searching for greener fields across the Atlantic.

Till date, calls are resounding for the central African nation’s government to investigate and prosecute the human traffickers allegedly responsible for their plight.

Committing herself to advocate against human trafficking for over 20 years, Dr Beatrice Titanji shares this story and many others in her new book “Curbing The Tide Of Human Trafficking And Slavery“.

While painting bitter experiences, the book shares knowledge on escaping the danger of being trafficked and how we can collectively hunt human traffickers.

With more than 20 years in human rights activism, Beatrice Titanji as Board Chair of the Human Rights group Nkumu Fed Fed, shares a research and undercover investigations on how the human trade business works.

The book is a wake-up call to parents, youths, law enforcement officers, social workers and victims who have tasted the pain of being trafficked.

10 chapters, 116 pages, the book brings out heartbreaking realities of the modern day slavery and appeals to you to advocate against human rights trafficking and slavery in Cameroon. The was launched in Yaounde and will all be launched in Buea in the days ahead.

“It’s our mission to protect every girl’s right to education, people’s right to be free, and denounce high rates of violence especially labor and sex trafficking which are a constant threat.” Titanji said.

Mother of four and wife to renowned Cameroon researcher, Prof. Vincent PK Titanji, Dr Beatrice Titanji is also a university lecturer who trains in second language education, editing and public speaking.

She spends her time advocating against human trafficking, mentoring young persons and empowering rural women.

She is the Board Chair of Human Rights group Nkumu Fed Fed.

To get a copy of the book “Curbing The Tide Of Human Trafficking And Slavery” click here to send a direct WhatsApp message

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