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By Yanick Fonki 

Just when the Cameroon government was criticized for being adarmant to the plight of the Anglophone refugees, there has been a recent move to organise national solidarity and relief efforts for refugees. 

Speaking to the Press yesterday, June 14 2018, government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary indicated that President Paul Biya has instructed  the government to provide relief efforts to Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria and other IDPs in the country.

Though he didn’t mention, it is likely that the government shall call for Cameroonians of goodwill to donate in kind or cash for the relief efforts, something similar to the national solidarity for victims of the Boko Haram war which was organised in 2014.

Since December 2017, Cameroonians began fleeing to seek refuge elsewhere due to the restive situation back home and the Cameroon government was accused for maintaining a provocative silence, hence preventing International Organisations from carrying out goodwill gestures, given that they always need the approval of the government in place.

While UNHCR says there are over 7,000 registered refugees, other sources put the figures largely above the UN’s .

The situation has caused a depening economy in these regions and led to several deaths on the side of the military and the government. 

It is anticipated that this government move is a green light for successive dialogue on the Anglophone crisis which began since 2016. 




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