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Cameroonians are yet to recover from the shocking sight of the ‘Epie Saga’ when another nude photo has stormed social media early today. The photos of one Cassandra who is allegedly the daughter of a top ranking official of the South West Region who has in one way or the other been related to the recent Anglophone upheavals in Cameroon.

what we are yet to confirm is the reason for such an act and who released the photos: For sure this wouldn’t be Cassandra herself.

She was in a total bluff. Unconfirmed information reports that she was promised five million FCFA to send her nude photos by a guy who claimed to be a female.

For the purpose of professional ethics and dignity which we intend to maintain, our editorial board held on to its “No Nude” policy on this platform.

As a result the photos you see will either be blur or completely empty. We say no to NUDE PHOTO GALLERIES ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA






  1. I have little to say about this. Well this will serve as a lesson to our girls who wants to copy the culture of a people who have no shame. We are black and we have dignity. So we don’t do nude pics at least not in this generation.

  2. Its like some kind of miyongo now.I am sure this one was done before the Epie saga but I don’t know if these girls really use social media or they just ‘use’ social media.with all said and done about nude pics!!!!!no me oo.Arrey thanks for that professional piece, rap the part you blurred the lady.wekiee

  3. Hmmmmm where is this generation heading to.we never heard such from our fore sense of morality again? This what happens when we try to copy another man’s culture. …God help us