UK-Based Cameroonian Businessman, Joseph Lefor Publishes New Book On Digitalization

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Cameroonian-born inspirer, Lefor Joseph, perhaps best known as a businessman based in the United Kingdom, has branched out with his first book titled ”The New Normal: Digitization, Digitalization and E-Commerce in International Business”

The book, he said, was meant to draw attention to the fact that certain changes in global business outlook have occurred so fast and these changes have definitely come to stay.

In effect, there undoubtedly needs to be an accompanying paradigm shift in our normal business modules, routines and operations if we need to live up with the times.

In ‘The New Normal‘, Lefor talked about large multinational corporations not being an exception to this rule as the knowledge will serve starts-ups and SMEs that need to be keener on digitization and online presence if they want to scale up operations to national and international levels

The inspiration, he wrote, came from his first 22 years living in his home country Cameroon.

“I spent 22 years of my life in Cameroon, a country which is located in West and Central Africa before was later exposed to alternative digital experiences in other parts of the world.

I thought of warning you ahead, just because some of the stories I will share in this book are massively shaped by where I have spent my life the most.

I begin by exposing some realities in Cameroon as to where Start-ups and SMEs are at, with regards to digitization and e-commerce.

This would serve as a starting point to the practical realities and theoretical knowledge this book intends to pass across” – Lefor wrote, when we asked him more about his written work.

The book also picked from his knowledge and experience running Bambridge Shop, an online shop which he started in the United Kingdom. Click HERE to get a copy online now or Send A Direct WhatsApp Message

About Lefor Joseph

Mr. Lefor Joseph Lefor is a holder of MSc International Business degree in the United Kingdom.

The young inspirer and lover of digital innovation has worked across several departments in higher education for over 2 years and counting. These include: Student Services, Disability Services and Admissions.

Those job roles in addition to previous internships and placement in-and-out of the United Kingdom have exposed him well enough to understand that digitalizing your business is a super-duper.

Joseph was shortlisted as one of only four persons from the Republic of Cameroon to represent the continent of Africa at the UNCTAD Youth and Global Investment Forum which took place at Palais Des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, in October 2018.

He seeks to inspire start-ups and SME owners around the globe to crave digital skills as a key strategy to scale up to national and international levels in business.

This is one of the core reasons why he embarked on writing the book ‘The New Normal; Digitization, Digitalization and E-commerce in International Business’

On the 16th of July 2020, he decided to embark on this project but wasn’t quite sure about his decision.

However, It was along the narrow paths of Cherry Hinton Brook towards the tail end of Mill Road in Cambridge that he said ‘yes’ to this project and embraced it entirely.

He runs an online store called Bambridge Shop. ‘Bambridge’ tells the story of his life

The words are coined from the names of his best two cities in the world: Bamenda and Cambridge. The city of Bamenda in his home country Cameroon and the city of Cambridge which is his resident city in the United Kingdom

Click HERE to get a copy online now or Send A Direct WhatsApp Message

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