Ivorian Artist Meiway Confronts President Allasane Ouatara To Step Down

Ivory Coast’s president, Allasane Ouatara announced his decision to run as candidate for the October 2020 presidential election

Months ago, Ouatara initially said he would not run the race anymore.

But Ivorian artist Meiway has confronted the president to backoff and give way for others

“Ivorians are not dumb, they will stand up to fight” Meiway said in a video he addressed to the president

Meiway’s complete text, loosely translated is written below

“Mr. President of the Republic of Ivory Coast, Mr. Alassane Ouattara.

I have just followed the TV interview that confirms your candidacy for a 3th term in the upcoming presidential elections contrary to the commitments you have solemnly made before the Ivorian people.

All my life as an Artist, at my loyalty, I have militated for the cause of the people, I have militated for the weakest… I sacrificed a large part of my career to defend peace, love, the unity and prosperity in my country… therefore my intervention is required because these times are serious.

Mr President, you do not build a country on a regime of fear… You do not build a country by exiling your sons and imprisoning the holders of opposing ideas.

By succumbing to temptation and political eternity, you risk making Ivory Coast sink into a chaos that we thought was forever distanced.

Will you sacrifice everything you have built to rank on the wrong side of our country’s history…?

Will you fall without resisting the tragic destiny of African Heads of State obsessed with power…?

Mr President, you still have a chance to escape the predators who are waving around you for their interests and not yours.

If there is no person in the young generation competent to succeed you, you have therefore failed Mr President, and it must be recognized by giving up this 3th term which won’t be too much;
because the Ivorian people who carried you, who accompanied you to the Supreme Judiciary, may disrespect you.

I thank you in advance for your attention, please Mr. President


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