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ARREYB News Reports has gotten hint of a hit prophesy on the Anglophone Struggle as Popular Buea based clergy, Sir Nyenty Eta Boris writes to Sisiku Ayuk Julius, detained interim president of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

His letter spells out some “warning” or “caution” if things must stand. He wrote;

“Thus says the lord Sir Julius. You are a man of humble spirit and calm heart. You have proven yourself loyal to a people who have cried out of oppression and pain.

You have sacrificed money and time to fight their fights and of course i delight on a sacrificial heart but this is what i have against you.

(1.) You have committed the sin of PONTUS PILATE. You washed your hands off me and handed me over to be killed in the hands of your people.

(2) You didn’t stand against but you didn’t stand for the radical involvement into occultic practices your “(…)

Sir Nyenty Eta Boris presented as the Earthly Shepherd of PTSMI Buea, (Perfecting the Saints Movement International) is one of those blessed with prophetic insights for the nations.

When we spoke to him about such a prophesy, despite the contradiction and hate which may set in, he wrote to us saying ;

“When it was shared on WhatsApp, what we received were beautiful insults. You don’t attack prophetic words by Emotional reactions. If you doubt them, they will still be fulfilled but if you Pray, God will adjust them for your GOOD. I am taking pain to share this because of the family of this beloved Man. PRAY and Pray for him!! As i meditated now, i saw something not worth sharing here but there are still hopes if we will PRAY instead of claiming we are all intelligent and all sufficient. All written here is what i heard audibly”.

While Sisiku and some ten others remain incarcerated in some Nigerian Prison, one is yet to get the response of this caution from the interim government and all those concerned.