Mark Bareta X Apst. Johnson Suleiman: After Prophecy Against Kidnappings, His Churches May Be Banned …

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By Arrey Bate 

In yesterday’s Sunday Service, renowned Nigerian prophet and Apostle,  Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries gave a daring prophesy about the kidnappings in the ongoing Anglophone crisis of Cameroon.
Suleiman said Cameroon is his second home and warned all those kidnapping persons amidst the crisis to release them within seven days or they would fight amongst themselves. 

He added that the kidnappers are making a lot of money and this practice had to stop. 
This prophecy has sparked flames and reactions from several ends across the African continent. 
A media influencer wrote, questioning the fact that Apostle Suleiman, a Nigerian would “poke” himself into issues of the Anglophone struggle in his second home when his first home(Nigeria) has suffered  same effects and is still helpless. He sited the Chibok School girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram four years ago who are still in captive and no warning has been issued to the Boko Haram. 

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Still in reaction to this, activists spat venom on social media. They expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that a man of God who was supposed to mediate took sides and instead warned “a God ordained” struggle . 
Belgian based Mark Bareta told thousands of his social media followers that Suleiman has been declared a persona non grata on issues of the crisis. 

“I have now classified him as a political prophet. I believe the pastor Suleiman has officially choosed his side during his official service today. There is no way some of us can listen to this innuendos .. “  Bareta said in a live video . 

TeboPost equally reported that Bareta “banned all Suleiman’s churches across the contested regions which he calls the state of Ambazonian even though it is not yet clear how he intends to enforced the ban”

Worth noting is the fact that Apostle Suleiman has visited Cameoroon twice in the last three years. In March early this year, the man of God had equally mentioned in a live service that “whatever is happening in Cameroon as an Anglophone/Francophone crisis is not true. It is a demonic hold to suck blood”

Watch this video below


However, we can’t predict the days ahead. Would these activists release all those kidnapped within the next 7 days as ordered by the prohpet? 

If not, what would be the consequence?
We can only allow time answer these disturbing questions… 



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