Govt Succumbs, Orders Second Phase Recruitment For Striking PhD Holders

After fourteen nights in front of the ministry of higher education in Yaoundé , Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya has finally ordered another phase of recruitment in 2020 for striking PhD holders.

The Academic intellectuals had been on strike for two weeks, with one attempting to commit suicide.

They slept in the cold, in front of the ministry of higher education in Yaoundé demanding integration into the public service outlining a series of grievances which made their recruitment unfair.

Recruitment for striking PhD lecturers

It included fraud and duplication of names on the recruitment list.

The signed communiqué finally sends the 222 striking intellectuals back home to their kids and family to make merry for the new year.
While waiting to see the implementation of this announcement, there is hope that all these intellectuals be absorbed.

Yet there’s more declaration to be made. 

The decision has ignored the issue of ghost civil servants, those receiving a double salary and others getting paid for nonexistent names entered in the list.

And also the fight to end fraudulent recruitments with fake certificates which limit the chances of those with genuine certificates.

The decision comes after a futile meeting between the striking intellectuals and the minister of higher education, Fame Ndongo who promised that no further list will be published.

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