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The GCE board has just released the much expected results of the 2016/2017 academic year.
Being the 23rd exam year organized by the board, the exams were written among the unstable times of upheavals during the Anglophone Struggle. As a result many had waited to see the outcome.

The A level and Technical results have been released while thousands still await the release of the GCE ordinary Level.

In the Advanced Level, a 35.2% score was recorded as against 66.52% in last years results while the Technical GCE pass rate stands at 22.76 %.

The ordinary level is yet to be released. This is one of the rare time (if not the first) that the advanced level has been released without the ordinary level results in Cameroon.

Our correspondents however, observed that news of the GCE results has been received this year with little excitement as compared to other years.

More on these results will be brought to you soon! Stay tuned