​Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba And Ben Muna On the Issue Of School Resumption In Anglophone Cameroon- The Reality Of the Story

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Following a communiqué signed by Barrister Ben Muna and his Francophone counterpart of the Cameroon Bar Association, Charles Tchoungang on Friday September 1 allegedly acting on the behalf of recently released Barrister Agbor Balla and Dr. Fontem Neba, it has gone viral that Agbor Balla and Dr. Fontem Neba endorsed school resumption come September 4.
The communiqué encouraged both parents and students to do all necessary for school resumption in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. 

Cameroon Journal reports that Barrister Muna and Charles Tchoungang acted by themselves in putting out the statement. They made no consultations with Fontem and Balla.

Muna and Tchoungang did not even forward a copy of the statement to Balla and Fontem; they only got to know about it first from an editorial on Saturday September 2 in which the media asked them to respond to Muna’s statement. 

In fact they only got copies from friends in the US who forwarded to them. 

Until their release last week, Balla and Fontem had been separated and had not been in touch with each other. 

Their phones too were seized and they had not been in communication with these lawyers for the past one month. 

Worthy of note is the fact that, the military court president raised article 14 of the new military code of justice, which says if any new elements or evidence emerges, former detainees will be back in court and under arrest. So, there is a huge need for them to keep calm now, consult with all stakeholders especially to foster the release of Mancho Bibixy and others still incarcerated at the prison. 

Fontem’s spokesperson ,on September 3 issued a formal press statement dissociating Fontem from the Ben Muna statement but this is however not considered a statement for both of them. 

It is said that both Balla and Fontem have asked the leadership from abroad to continue but they only have to be careful to prevent further arrest and situations that can keep Mancho 

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