Yaounde: Unidentified Men Hijack Woman Alongside Her Two Children.

Unknown men have abducted a lady and her two children in Yaounde, Centre Regional of Cameroon.

According to reports, Aishatou Yasmine who had arrived Yaounde from Douala with her two children are nowhere to be found after taking a taxi to thier destination on Monday night.

Relatives informed the press that Aishatou arrived Yaoundé at about 10:00 PM via the Tourist Travel agency on Monday, February 27.

A source said “While in Yaoundé, she called her husband to inform him that she had taken a taxi that was supposed to drop her off and the kids at the Mvog-Mbi crossroads, where her husband stood to wait for their arrival to no avail.”

Reports say her husband, Dahirou, had waited for her for several hours and even called her phone but all efforts remains futile

“While the family embarked on a search for the lady, the victim’s mother revealed that she received a call from her daughter this Tuesday at 4 p.m,” a source recounts.

“The daughter told her that she was in the taxi with her two children, on their way Mvog-Mbi, when suddenly, one of the passengers on board the taxi brought out a liquid substance and blew it on her face and the kids’”

Family members remained worried as no word had been gotten with regards to thier whereabout.

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