Douala: Food From Neighbor Leaves Two Siblings Dead, Relatives Hospitalized

After eating rice and groundnut stew from their neighbour at Newbell, Douala, twelve-year-old Clara and her five-year-old brother, Andre, passed away on February 3.

Reports say the meal was prepared by the neighbor who happens to be a hairdresser by profession and sent through her sister to these children.

It is believed that the deceased children’s mother and cousin had gone out for a visit.

Tawei Françoise, the older sister to the deceased explained that after consuming the food the younger one complained of stomach ache that evening and was rush to the hospital but didn’t survive.

While at the hospital, they received a call indicating that his elder sister was bleeding from the mouth, nose and ears and was in Sevier pain but later gave up the ghost.

Other relatives of the deceased reportedly fell ill too and are currently receiving medications after eaten thesame food.

Investigations have been opened while the suspected neighbor has been arrested and detained.

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