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A priest has confirmed the writing on the note to be Bishop Balla’s writing. “je suis dans l’eau”  to him beyond all reasonable doubt was Bishop Balla’s writing. His working years with the Bishop made him frequent with the Bishop’s writing and what he expressed doubt was if the Bishop was under some pressure when he wrote the note. The note which was left together with other identification documents is still studied by many together with some forensic experts to reveal any further information.

Meanwhile CNA reports that the rescue mission for “missing” Mgr. Jean Marie Benoit Bala has been suspended by the State Council of Bafia. The suspension was done after the recue team toiled in vain to no avail.

Bishop Kleda has called on all to pray for the 58 year old whose body is yet to be found. Authorities confirmed that since the Bishop left Yaoundé, he refused taking calls despite several rings till the news broke out.

We only wonder how a man who committed and spent his entire life in the faith would ruin his whole investment by the bridge. Could this be associated to any external influence? A question we can only answer as things unfold.