University Of Bamenda Student Commits Murder After Losing money To 1XBET

Asizil Leslie, a level 200 student in the faculty of science at the University of Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon has committed suicide.

This Tuesday, July 25, at around 6am in the morning, a neighbour is said to have discovered the student hanging from a rope behind the house at Ntanebieh Quarter, Mile 90 Bambili in the Tubah Subdivision.

According to reports, Leslie had grumbled about having financial problems before the terrible event.

Leslie’s uncle allegedly gave him 30,000 FRS for his rents which he used to invest in the gambling scheme that never materialised.

“Leslie lastly chatted with me at about 5 am, telling me he was having financial problems. When I asked him what his financial problems were? he told me the money the parents sent him to settle house rents and use the balance for transportation back to the village has been lost in betting (1XBET).” one of his friends recounted.

Local administrative authorities visited the scene of the tragedy.

The student’s body was transported to Awing village in Santa Subdivision of the North West, where he was raised, for burial at the time of this report, “after traditional rites were performed on the corpse by the Bambili village secret society (Ngumba), permitting its evacuation from the site of the incident.”

1XBET is a betting company used by most young people who find it to be appealing for survival.

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