HRH Fon George Ndikum II Presides Over First Ever International Welfare Association Convention In UK

In London, United Kingdom, sons and daughters of Akum, both home and abroad gathered for the first ever Akum International Welfare Association Convention.

Happening from June 30 to July 3, 2023, the event was guided under the theme “Food and education for displaced and less privileged”.

It was an opportunity to not just discuss family, education and societal issues but gather the descendants all in one place to celebrate culture, tradition and an age-old clan that has existed since the 80s.

Akum is a village found in Mezam Division of the North West region of Cameroon. Although little is known about its history, it is widely recorded that the Bagangu (Akum) people came from Widikum. A part of Akum’s history records dates back to the 18th century, the time when slave trade was abolished . The rise of small inter-tribal war led the Bagangu people to leave Widikum to migrate northwards to find peace and calm. Their then leader, Fon Fumingom, was leading his people from a place called Tikari to today’s Akum with over 25 quarters in the Fondo. 

Today, Akum has raised thousands of torchbearers around the world who have become beamers of hope not just for the culture but in different career paths.

Chairing the event was the Fon of Akum, HRH Fon George Ndikum II alongside a host of other traditional authorities and distinguished dignitaries. He reminded the indigenes to always remember where they come from, to engage in the development of their community and pass the cultural baton to the younger generation, making reference to the age-old cultural institutions.

“Always uphold your cultural values” were the last words in his speech to his people who applauded for several minutes.

Now 88 years old, Fon George Ndikum II was enthroned on the 7th of January 1958 to succeed his late father. Ruling for over 65 years, the Fon has in several outings stood against the use of modernism to override the originality of not just a Cameroonian culture but core African values.

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