Why SDF Took Part In May 20th Celebration–Fru Ndi

Despite boycott calls from some subsection presidents of the Social Democratic Front party, the political party still took part in the 2022 National Unity day celebration.

According to the party’s chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, the party has full rights to participate in the celebration as long as it’s members belong to the government.

“We have to march because we are in the institutions. The presence of the SDF political party in the institutions has added more weight to the struggle for democracy,” John Fru Ndi said

The party chairman added that participation is just another way of letting the problems be listened to: “You participate and let your problems be heard”

“We marched with our hands on our heads to show that things are not going well. We are still suffering in the midst of plenty,” Fru Ndi added

Few hours to the celebration of the National Unity day, Jean Michel Nintcheu, SDF member of Parliament in Douala instructed members of the party under him not to participate in the celebration.

According to Nintcheu, their aim was to show concerned on the Anglophone crisis and other political affairs.

But another press release from the party chairman, Ni John surfaced, instructed all militants to mobilize and take part in the celebration.

This recent clash between leaders of the SDF political party is adding to the numerous problems already at hand between, Ni John Fru Ndi, Jean Michel Nintcheu and Osi Joshua

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