[Stories Untold] ‘Surviving My Father’s Sudden Murder’ – Kim’s Shock After Father’s Death, Mother’s Torture

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At 11, Kim grew up with her Mom and three siblings so they never experienced the love of a father again.

Dad and mum were no longer together and it was a tough time for mom who took care of four kids alone as a single parent.

As the oldest of the four kids, she began to desire a father’s love and wishing that Dad and mum get together again.

It was her prayer to wakeup by mom and dad someday and experience the love and upbringing from a complete home again.

“I was only 11 and the oldest kid with my mom and there was a lot of trauma . I hoped and prayed for him to come back. He stopped by once in a year, sometimes more” – Kim said.

Years passed and things seemed to be improving, mom and Dad could get back together. It was at the wake of the Cameroon Anglophone crisis in 2017, the moment when strike actions had passed the stage of stones and teargas to gunshots and military cars.

“Then i got hit by shocking news of dad’s death ! I still did not believe it was real, I wish I was only dreaming” Kim told us.

Eye witnesses said a group of armed men invaded the village where Mr Salah lived. He was tortured then shot on the head and left in his own pool of blood.

“I was in Bamenda, unable to go to Kom (where I’m from) because the roads were blocked but his neighbor recounted the story to me. She was the lady who ensured to take my Dad’s corpse to the mortuary in Bamenda after the perpetrators left.

From what she explained, he was home all day. Some men invaded the village and others ran but he did not since he had no idea of their arrival.

She said they parked their car metres away. They pulled him to the road, tortured him, burned his bike, lay him on the ground, he begged and cried to no avail. They put a boot on his head and sent a bullet through his skull.

They pulled him to his corridor and left him there in a pool of his blood. I couldn’t believe that’s how my Dad’s story ended”

As if that was not enough, Kim’s mom was also tortured on her way to the shocking scene.

“My Dad was in Baingo and my mom and siblings were in Njinikom(both places in Kom). As soon as Mom heard the news, she and my siblings got a car to go verify.

Heart broken and in total disbelief, on their way there, a group of boys stopped them, pulled my mother out of the car and made her kneel in the mud. My junior ones ran outside to hold her tight and she started pleading …. If not for an intervention by another driver, mom would have been battered too” – she recounted

Aged 22, Kim is now a teacher serving at Kumbo and is also perusing a music career. In tribute to her late Dad, Kim composed “Dream World“, a song she released at his memorial.

Dream World” a song which paints the picture of her dreams when mom and dad finally reunite. It’s a fantasy of the plans she nursed in mind since 11 until his death and how the unfortunate hands of fate has turned it around – it is one of those pieces that will make sense if you get in the mood. Mr Salah died last year !

Not long after, Kim released her most celebrated song, a continuation of “Dream World“.

After facing the struggle and depression of leaving without a lovely father, she expresses deep desire to be built by strong love.

KUCHA is the song title. It means “hard sponge”. It’s a cry for love in a bid to pick up the broken pieces of a shattered heart. The song is produced by Ralf Instrumentalz




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I've never known you to be selfish, share this with someone!

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