Your Life, Marriage & The Family You Want, Are All Fueled By The Business You Build Today...

What Does Success In Business Mean To You ?

For everyone success is different…
For some of you, you’re in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out by building your own business or idea
For others, you are entrepreneurs with your own company… but you’re stuck, and you’re not sure why
And for some people, you’re looking for that one assistance that will bring the leap in your business !
To another, it may just mean breaking even in your business this month

The Truth Is, It's All Found in CLIENTS. No Business Fails When They're Making More Money From Clients

One million

1,000,000 FCFA

That’s at least how much I’ve crushed online in the past two years

Spent running ads at the backend of Facebook

Ads for my own products and a large part for clients and their businesses

I crushed some on online resources

Hosting sales funnels

Running CRM systems

Running ads to sell my consultancy and marketing services

Sometimes just $5 a day

$35 a week

$140 a month

$1,680 a year

And this has generated more Return on Investment (ROI)

I will be frank with you

The returns have been much much more for myself and these clients

In fact, it’s the only reason we keep spending, because it works and brings in clients when you do it the right way

Before I share with you MY GOAL for this Masterclass for YOU, let me ask you a question…

Will Your Business Change Today If You Were To Make Just One Client Every Day?

If you answered YES, then I want to invite you to join the Masterclass With ARREYB and change your business forever!

For many businesses, getting steady clients is nothing but a pipe dream

The problem is, most businesses struggle because they rely ONLY on word of mouth or referrals to get new clients

It’s worst because you start to burnout just in the period when you should be making genuine profits after toiling hard for years to build a solid product

And if you have tried the online system and failed, that’s because you did it the WRONG WAY!

There’s a golden way to this

Today I want to ask you to take advantage of these little tweaks to give your life and business a big shot

You must have read my story, how I only graduated from school six months ago to work full time on my online business which I started while in my second year of the university

Over the years I have generated millions through this business and evolved into helping businesses meet more clients, make more money with social media.

For three years I have fed solely solely on social media, by developing and implementing successful B2B and B2C go-to online advertising/marketing campaigns including in presidential election campaigns.

Or maybe you stumbled on my listing among British Council’s top 100 young journalists worldwide or my feature live at the BBC Headquarters in London

The Golden Way To Get Clients Online Is Simple !

Let me simplify it in a way that a 5-year-old can understand…

The money you’re looking for does not fall from the sky

It does not float in the air

It is not buried underground

The money you seek is with people

They’re holding your money, waiting for you to come and get it

They carry it wherever they go

Inside their wallet

It’s inside their phone, right inside their bank app

These people want something and they’re willing to pay to have what they want

The Is Where You Come In

If you give people what they want, they’ll give you the money you seek

It’s as simple as that …

And some people are in dire need of your product

They’re even ready to pay any amount as long as it solves their need

But you haven’t showed up on their faces

Think about it

It’s actually by taking a little time to understand and set up the right system to generate just one sure client everyday

Imagine you could set a system that generates ONLY ONE client a day…

That will be 7 clients a week

Do you know what that will do to your business?

It’s worth trying because that’s how you grind down clients and cool your head

That’s exactly why I put up these two masterclass sessions

It’s has every basic knowledge you will ever need to understand about taking your business online

It cuts across my experience working with over 200 brands and business in Cameroon, Nigeria, UK, US, Canada and other countries in the world

52 People Attended Both Sessions Of The MasterClass

It's Over 3 Hours Of Non-Stop Intensive Training To Take Your Business Online

Here Is Some Of The Things You'll Learn From It

How to set an effective online system and build a magic sales funnel that works even in your absence

Building a solid traffic system for your business or service using paid and organic ads

The most guaranteed way to hit at least one client every single day

Choosing and setting the right online platform for your business (Understanding borrowed vs independent platforms)

Landing and keeping your dream clients Dealing with up-sells, re-targeting and bulk offers

Magic hooks that will beat and overpower your competitors online with irresistible offers to your clients

And There's An Additional 1 Hour Session

"7 Top And Realistic Streams to Make Constant Income Online & Get Swift Independence"

Your Masterclass Will Have Everything You Need For Success With Your Business Online

This Masterclass Is Absolutely Different

What Can This Masterclass Offer You ?

This Masterclass is NOT for everyone

If you want to watch every moment of the 3 hours, and say “Thanks, Arrey! That was some great info!” 

…but never actually do anything with it, this is definitely not for you

So here is your mission

First, you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and do just a little bit of tweaks in your business …

Join The Masterclass with a little investment, hold your book and a pen

Take the session till the end and most importantly get to work

If you need a good hard PUSH from an online coach make sure that you get these lessons DONE (no excuses!)…
And your investment to this will hold you accountable
The rest will be to RINSE and REPEAT this strategy until you’re happy to stop making profits

Here’s what I’m going to give you as part of the Masterclass

A copy of my book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media” which is intended to have you buckle up as you begin your journey

It’s selling at 10,000 FCFA($17 on amazon

Here’s exactly some of the things you’ll discover in the pages of “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”


  • The RIGHT way to intentionally use social media to land paying clients for your business
  • Solid secrets to build your brand and promote your career on social media
  • 6 Legit ways (businesses) you can engage to make money online (some don’t even need a capital and you can begin earning in a week)
  • 7 killer strategies to selling anything online
  • The #1 reason you work for Facebook for free and how to jump away from it and turn it to your advantage
  • The exact targeting, I use to approach sponsors, clients and partners that create a spark
  • How to transform your social media posts into friendly business offers and swell your pockets
  • “The Art of Phone” – killer inbox conversation techniques that can pop open people’s wallets for you
  • How to identify and grow money making relationships on social media
  • How to build a social media profile/presence for your brand that seduces anyone to action


  • My “Juju” concept of advertisement – How to make your brand stick to people’s minds like crazy
  • How to create and make use of opportunities on your social media
  • And much, much more!

So How Can You Register Right Now?

Masterclass 1 : The Most Effective Breakdown Guide To Take Your Business Online And Land Fast Paying Clients In No Time -2 Hours (20,000FCFA or $34 value)

Masterclass 2  : 7 Top & Realistic Streams To Make Constant Income Online & Get Swift Independence1 Hr (20,000FCFA or $34 value)

My Book “How To make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media” selling at 10,000FCFA ($17) on Amazon

Total value : 50,000 FCFA

All You Pay Today Is 9,700frs

That's Probably What You Spend On An Average Day, & It's Nothing Compared To The Joy Of Learning To Pick Up Clients For A Lifetime

Then In Exchange For That Tiny 9,700frs Investment, You Get ALL Of Those Benefits

You Can Pay Right Now By Mobile Money/Credit Card

Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You’ll Get When You Join The Masterclass Today!

First Thing You’ll get access to is the book. It’s in the next page right after you click to JOIN THE MASTERCLASS
15 minutes later you will receive an email with the secret link to the loaded 3 hours training – you can take the training at your pace. You can pause it, repeat, or soak your brain as many times as you want
Right after the masterclass, I will give you the opportunity to take a 15 mins audit call with my team.

By the end of this audit call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable clients online

Let’s pump some crazy ideas into your business and help you see where you having been leaving money on the table without Funnels & Paid Advertising

Let me show you a glimpse of how the inside masterclass looks like

You can expect to know where to start once you’re done

You Don’t Need To Have A Website

As you can probably see, getting access to the ‘Masterclass With ARREYB’ is like having me as your own personal online coach!  

The only difference is that you couldn’t buy a 1 hour coaching call with me for 9,700frs 
In fact, right now the CHEAPEST you can hire me to “pick my brain” is $1000 for a day.
So, to get 3 hours intensive is crazy!
My only question is …

“Do YOU Have What It Takes?”


So Here's What To Do Next ...

From here it’s just finalizing the details.


Even if all this entire system did was finally help you to start your life and land your first or next paying client, that will be worth the 9,700frs to show you a skill that will benefit your entire life and get you earning until you decide to stop

So you can see why this would be a good deal even if I put all these at 50,000frs

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

In order to get started, all you have to do is click to JOIN THE MASTERCLASS NOW!

and you will gain access to :

Masterclass 1 : The Most Effective Breakdown Guide To Take Your Business Online And Land Fast Paying Clients In No Time -2 Hours (20,000FCFA or $34 value)

Masterclass 2  : 7 Top & Realistic Streams To Make Constant Income Online & Get Swift Independence1 Hr (20,000FCFA or $34 value)

My Book “How To make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media” selling at 10,000FCFA ($17) on Amazon

Total value : 50,000 FCFA

All You Pay Today Is 9,700frs

If you leave this page without signing up now, you may be back to the same unending routine of trying to figure out what extra ways to make some clients for your business

And everything will be the same again


If you take this incredibly special offer right now and attend the masterclass to begin your life, you will get access to this knowledge and our entire system ,which if you practice, will land money into your wallets so you can start to control your business like a boss

What's Stopping Your Life Right Now?

There are two kind of persons

Those who take action and those who make excuses

You can choose which to be today

If you Click on the button below and JOIN THE MASTERCLASS, then we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of the class!

Why Time Is Of The Essence...

The next Masterclass is starting VERY SOON!  

If this page is open, it means that the masterclass is still open for registrations, but it will be closing down soon. 
And if you’re wondering… well, can’t I just take the class next time it opens up?  
Well, the answer is MAYBE…
I’m not sure if or when the next class will be…
But, more importantly, what about the people you could have served with your products or services that won’t have a chance to hear about them, because you waited to learn today?
There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago… but the 2nd best time, is NOW.”
You Can Pay Right Now By Mobile Money/Credit Card

Is There A Guarantee ?

Arreyb ALWAYS gives a money back guarantee

If you participate in the masterclass, stay attentive to the session, implement what you learn, by the time the class is done, you will have a complete knowledge of funnels and a solid understanding of the core fundamentals on how money leaves your client’s pocket into yours. 
If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true by the time you’re midway into the class, STOP then you can request a refund by email to, and receive a full refund of your 9,700frs. 
Pretty simple.  
But if you’re like most people, this experience will change your business (and for some of you, it’ll change your life like it did to mine!)


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