''Leave Ekema Alone And Keep The Good Image Of UB, GCE Board Registrar Should Be Blamed For Fake Certificate Rumor”- Tabot Bakia - ARREYB

”Leave Ekema Alone And Keep The Good Image Of UB, GCE Board Registrar Should Be Blamed For Fake Certificate Rumor”- Tabot Bakia

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By Tah Javis 
The Registrar of the Cameroon GCE board Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono has been blamed by section president of CPDM Meme 1A, Tabot Bakia for rumor of fake certificate surrounding the boss of the Buea municipality, Ekema Patrick.

Mr. Tabot blames the Registrar for publishing the results of the Lord Mayor of Buea in the first place. 

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 Tabot Bakia,Section President CPDM Meme 1A

“I want to blame full-heartedly the Registrar of the GCE Board for those publications. And I want to tell him that he is not a just man. Why did he not publish those other 93 persons? Why did he choose only Ekema? I believe that it is not just Ekema, but these are people that want to destroy the good and proper image that madam Njeuma and other Vice Chancellors have created for the University of Buea. Leave Ekema alone and keep the good image of UB; that is my advice to the population”

Tabot Bakia said defensively.  The CPDM section president says people should understand that Ekema did not become Mayor based on his certificate and so must react wisely. He made this pronouncement in a recent CPDM Section conference in Mbonge. 

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