Kamer Enter10ment:  Salatiel’s Message To Cameroonians-We Need To Promote Our Own.

David Salatiel is one of Kamer’s most outstanding producer and artist who doubles as CEO of Alpha Better Records with other outsanding artists like Mr. Leo,Blaise B and Askia. 

His message to Cameroonians leaves much to be desired and we agree with him saying ”We need to promote our own”. Read on

”No need for grief dear Lovers of Cameroonian music, last year was a blessing. Truth is We need more and better artists in different genres on the scene of Cameroonian music, more investors willing to pay for more glorious videos and worldwide promo and more die hard fans all around the world to stand the competition from Africa. So you can start by reducing the number of foreign music you consume, tell your favorite bar to play more Camer music, Give a hand to the struggling artist, take his music everywhere you go rather than criticize, the Nigerians, Ghanaians, South Africans, Ivorians etc all did these and more to be where they are….. Cameroon Music industry is still very primitive but growing, we just have to change attitude at all levels.There is no place or time for wars fighting over thrones which don’t even exist.
Artists should spend time doing good music, with one another, making hits and promoting them instead of boasting over every other thing which is not music, or fighting each other over nothing, or singing yesterday’s praises. Producers and record label owners push your artists around you to work harder on their arts, release good songs not focus on useless gossips and comparisons. 

Fans should focus on pushing good Cameroonian music and supporting artists voting for them and carrying the good music everywhere instead of insinuating fights between artists and carrying gossips instead of music. Tell your club and street D.Js, Bar animators, taxi drivers to stop with the foreign music and play Cameroonian. Call your favorite radio programs and propose them your Cameroonian favorite music 

Television Stations, Radio Stations and their presenters, Bloggers and D.Js should decide on and 80% Cameroonian content at least for their platforms rather than saturating our own country with Foreign Music, talk about our artists and focus on making them stars especially the good ones

Elites both in and out of the country should search for the closest and best talents, put the money on them their music videos and promo, branding till they are as exposed as others around Africa. 

Every other country in Africa did these and more to be in the light today, it is time for a change of attitude from everyone. The race involves all of us and we can only do it together without which we will have many more days to grief like today in the future. Talent is not lacking, what we need is just a change of attitude” .

Signed: Salatiel Sala’a

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