Inside Field Marshal, The Dreaded Ambazonian General’s Death

Separatist ‘General’ Field Marshall, whose real name is Oliver Lekeaka has been killed in his camp in Lebialem, South West region of Cameroon

Known for the uproar he brought to the Cameroon military and the population in the North West region, thousands ran to the scene at Bicec Junction in Kumba, where his body was first displayed once it was airlifted from Menji where he was killed

The Cameroon military announced he was captured in his camp on Tuesday July 12, 2022 by an armed to the teeth mixed patrol team which including the BIR

On Wednesday when news about his death first circulated on social media, thousands doubted it

On several occasions, the self-acclaimed Ambazonia general and leader of the Red Dragons army had been declared dead–but he surfaced on videos announcing he was alive and strong

As with Field Marshal, he grew to become one of the most fierce amongst all Ambazonia separatists generals.

He controlled a camp that had several gun battles with the military causing several deaths on both sides

And in some videos on social media, he ws seen announcing reign over his Lebialem kingdom

‘The invisible’ as he called himself has finally been put down. It is however not clear the circumstances leading to his shooting

Oliver Lekeaka was buried by elements of the BIR on July 15 in Kumba

As the Cameroon Anglophone crisis intensifies, an arguable estimate of around seven thousand people has been killed.

They’re either civilians caught at crossfire and taken down by stray bullets, government military soldiers or separatists fighters struggling to institute the state of Ambazonia

Since its start in 2016, more than 200 villages have been burnt down, hundreds imprisoned and over a million people forced to migrate to the bushes or neighbouring Nigeria

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