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Moriah Bridges


Pennsylvanian Beaver high school has banned a graduating student from using the name Jesus in her graduating speech. Conservative commentator, Todd Starnes reports that there has been many instances of public discrimination against Christian beliefs.

Moriah Bridges was told by her principal that a prayer session at public school event, even if led by a student is prohibited by the school law. The lady who planned to say this prayer in her graduation speech was restricted.

Lord, surround us with grace and favor everywhere we go. Soften our hearts to teach us love and compassion, to show mercy and grace to others the way that you showed mercy and grace to us, even to the ultimate sacrifice. Help us love our brothers and our sisters deeply. Lead us to bless them.

This prayer was however suspended as she received a restricting letter from her principal who wrote to her saying:

The selected students may still address their class and indicate the things that they wish/hope for their class, but they may not do it in the style of a prayer and most certainly may not recite a prayer that excludes other religions (by ending in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ or in the matchless name of Jesus).

Courageous as she was, Bridges contacted first Liberty Institute to present her case where she wrote:

I was shocked that the school said my personal remarks broke the law and I was saddened that I could not draw upon my Christian identity to express my best wishes for my classmates on what shouldve been the happiest day of high school.

In respond, First Liberty Institute is said to have requested a meeting with the Beaver high school officials to address her case. The institutions Attorney, Jeremy Dys defended that forcing Bridge to edit her planned speech was a violation of the first amendments and also violates her freedom of speech.