Far North Region: Inter-community Conflict Leaves Four Dead

An intercommunal dispute that broke out in Warba village, Mayo Sava Division, in Cameroon’s Far North region has left about four persons dead and injured another eighteen.

Christian and animist communities are at conflict with Muslims with a recent case being an alleged tension on July 20, 2023.

Since the conflict’s intensification, roughly twenty businesses have been robbed, three mosques have been plundered, five automobiles have been damaged, several motorcycles, motor pumps, generators, and solar lighting systems have been set ablaze.

According to additional sources, a conflict involving Matakam and Zouglo-Guemzeck has already claimed one life.

Conflicts between different communities frequently occur in Cameroon’s Far North. Media outlets frequently cover these organisations, which use their ethnic, religious, or regional affiliation to explain their reciprocal enmity.

These groups can occasionally reach unsettling heights. Natural resources and land issues are frequently cases in the Warba community in Mora.

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